Top 11 Best Embroidery Software in 2024

best embroidery software

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you are doing well. This post is dedicated to being the world’s leading provider of custom embroidery digitizing knowledge.

In this post, I’ll provide an overview of the top 11 embroidery digitizing software options for your business. I’ll delve into their key benefits, pricing, pros, and cons to help you choose the best fit for your needs.

Our Pick
A screenshot of the Embroidery Software's shop management platform, displaying a workflow with various orders organized by status.


Printavo is more than an embroidery digitizer; it is an all-in-one management solution tailor-made for screen printing, embroidery, digital print, sign, banner shops, and other promotional businesses.

So, What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the best thing that allows your creativity to flow efficiently, you can also take your artwork to the next level by customizing your creativity for personal and commercial use through digitizing software for embroidery.

What is the Best Embroidery Software?

Embroidery software is a tool used to make a variety of custom embroidery designs. Your product embroidery software can add to the efficiency of your embroidery machine by inculcating custom designs in the embroidery software work by sending instructions to the computerized embroidery machine, then reading the instructions and working accordingly.

It is very beneficial for home business owners and for people who adore generating personalized items and customized gifts for themselves and others.

Here are the top 11 best Embroidery software for you!

1. Printavo

A screenshot of the Embroidery Software's shop management platform, displaying a workflow with various orders organized by status.

Printavo is more than an embroidery digitizer; it is an all-in-one management solution tailor-made for screen printing, embroidery, digital print, sign, banner shops, and other promotional businesses. With a simple user interface, Printavo lets you manage your business on the go and helps streamline your day-to-day operations.

Key Benefits

Powerful Task Management: Manage your print shop with Printavo’s intuitive shop management tool which helps you to keep your screen printing or embroidery projects on track.

Invoices & Quotes: Enhance efficiency and reduce repetitive work by automating your workflow. You can establish triggers and actions that execute tasks automatically, freeing you to concentrate on your top priorities.

Reporting & Analytics: Analytics tool simplifies financial management for your print shop by enabling you to monitor profits, track expenses, manage invoices, and stay within budget effortlessly.

Product Catalogs & Purchase Orders: Create purchase orders to send to your distributors or create a custom product catalog which will help you to keep track of your inventory in real-time.

Custom Automation: Set up personalized automation rules to streamline your workflow. Save time and cut down on repetitive tasks by automating your processes. The automation rules empower you to establish triggers and actions that automatically handle specific tasks, freeing you to concentrate on your top priorities.

Pros of Printavo

  • Integrates with most eCommerce platforms
  • Mobile-friendly for on-the-go management
  • Supports a large number of third-party integrations

Cons of Printavo

  • Limited embroidery digitizing features compared to specialized digitizing software
  • Online design approval can be clunky for larger, complex embroidery projects


Pricing plan options for Embroidery Software showing "lite" for $99/month, "standard" for $199/month marked as most popular, and "premium" with a "contact us

Pricing starts at $99 per month for the Essentials plan, with a free trial.

Lite: $99 per month.

Standard: $199 per month.

Premium: Contact the Printavo team

2. Hatch Embroidery Software

Website banner for embroidery software featuring Hatch Embroidery Digitizer with a promotional offer.

Whether you’re a beginner in the machine embroidery business or a passionate enthusiast aiming to enhance your skills, Hatch Embroidery offers a plethora of creative features and automated functions.

These tools are designed to assist you in creating exquisite embroidery designs and distinctive projects.

Key Benefits

Manual Digitizing: Unleash your creativity with 8 simple yet powerful digitizing tools to craft stunning designs. Explore a variety of artistic stitch types and effects for limitless possibilities in your creations.

Applique: Craft captivating designs, ranging from simple to intricate, utilizing any of the 4 cover stitches or opting for no cover stitch at all to personalize your creation. Effortlessly transform a closed object into an applique with just one click. 

Laydown Stitch: The Laydown Stitch tool enables you to create a light background fill that smoothens the texture of fabrics like Terry towelling and fur, ensuring that the embroidery stands out without getting lost in the fabric’s nap.

Keyboard Design Collection: The Keyboard Design Collection tool simplifies the process of assigning alphabet and embroidery designs to keyboard characters, allowing seamless integration with lettering and monogramming tools.

Advanced Editing: AA’s diverse set of robust and user-friendly tools is available to modify the shape, size, colours, stitch types, and stitch angles of your embroidery designs. Advanced functionalities such as welding, knife, breaking apart, removing overlaps, colour blending, and branching enhance the creativity in your designs.

Creative Stitches & Effects: Hatch offers a variety of creative stitch effects that can easily enhance your simple designs, giving them a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Pros of Hatch

  • Intuitive for beginners with excellent customer support
  • Frequent updates keep the software current
  • Compatible with most embroidery machine formats

Cons of Hatch

  • Limited in the photo and auto-digitizing capabilities
  • It can be pricey for small businesses, with a steep learning curve for advanced features


A website banner showcasing four different Embroidery Software products called organizer, personalizer, composer, and digitizer, each with an associated icon and a brief description of the product's purpose.
Online shopping interface showing embroidery software products with prices ranging from $14.99 to $599.99 USD, each with a "buy now" button.

Hatch’s pricing includes a variety of packages from Hatch Customizer at $149 for Organizer, with a 30-day FREE Trial where you can experience all the Hatch Embroidery levels.

Organizer: $149.

Personalizer: $249.

Composer: $599.

Digitizer: $899.

3. Chroma

A webpage displaying Ricoma Chroma embroidery software for embroidery with a colorful digitized chameleon design featured on the screen.

Chroma from Adorable Ideas is designed to simplify and enhance the digitizing process. With features ranging from vector graphics importing to automatic lettering, it extends a robust suite for personal and professional projects.

Take advantage of powerful features, such as automatic stitch generation, customizable stitch effects, and advanced editing options, to bring your designs to life like never before.

Key Benefits

  • The realistic view feature seamlessly switches between a lifelike view and a stitched view.
  • The pan tool is a scrolling feature that enables you to click and drag your screen to move in any direction (left, right, up, or down).
  • The hoops tool enables you to choose from preset hoop sizes in Chroma or customize your own.
  • Adjust the background colour of your artboard to coordinate with the colour your design will be placed on.
  • Enhance your artboard background by incorporating textures to visualize your design across various fabric types.
  • Visualize the sequence in which your design will be embroidered with the redraw tool.
  • The Navigator tool merges scrolling and panning functions to swiftly navigate through different sections of your design.
  • Gain access to Design Analysis for comprehensive insights into your design, including stitch count, sewing time, dimensions, and more.
  • Preview your design on a diverse collection of 3D models, including hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and more.

Pros of Chroma

  • User-friendly interface ideal for beginners and hobbyists
  • Excellent variety of ready-made designs
  • Compatible with a broad spectrum of embroidery machine formats

Cons of Chroma

  • Limited animation and multi-hooping features
  • Less subscription flexibility; no monthly payment options

4. Embrilliance

A screenshot of the embroidery software's website displaying a welcome message and product categories.

Embrilliance offers embroidery software that is enjoyable, user-friendly, and cost-effective for hobbyists and professionals alike. 

Available for both Windows and MacOS, these titles cater to a wide range of users. That’s why we proudly call it “Embroidery for Everyone!”

Key Benefits 

  • Modular design allows for feature expansion based on needs
  • Smart colour sorting and thread management
  • Built-in tutorials for self-education

Pros of Embrilliance

  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface
  • Affordable packages with a la carte features
  • Excellent community support and frequent updates

Cons of Embrilliance

  • No advanced digitizing for truly custom designs
  • May lack the sophistication of advanced professionals

5. Embed

Screenshot of the Embroidery Software website header, showcasing the logo and menu options with a focus on embroidery digitizing and customization services.

Power and precision are the hallmarks of Embird, a suite of advanced software catered to digitizers who demand intricate, high-quality designs.

Key Benefits 

  • Advanced stitching options and correct weight compensation
  • Modular design with a range of optional plug-ins
  • Virtual projects allow virtual fitting before stitching

Pros of Embird

  • Suitable for professionals who require extensive design freedom
  • Strong user community with regular plug-in additions
  • Frequent software updates and bug fixes

Cons of Embird

  • It can be overwhelming for beginners without previous digitizing experience
  • High initial cost, requiring additional plug-ins for full functionality


The Embird Basic program starts at $144, with additional plug-ins ranging to $360.

6. Brother

Website header of brother's official page highlighting their Embroidery Software and labeling software.

Brother’s BES4 Dream Edition embroidery software offers a systematic approach to digitizing, ensuring each creation is a reflection of your vision.

Key Benefits of Brother

  • Integration with My Design Center for automatic stitch pattern creation
  • Automated features for pattern recognition and digitizing
  • Extensive library of over 180 fonts

Pros of Brother

  • User-friendly interface with interactive design workspace
  • Designed to work seamlessly with Brother embroidery machines
  • Cost-effective for existing Brother machine users with excellent feature integration

Cons of Brother

  • Limited digitizing capabilities for complex hand-rendered designs
  • Fewer specialty features compared to industry-specific software


BES4 Dream Edition is available in three levels, with prices ranging from $149 to $3499 for the full package.

7. Wilcom

Promotional banner for Embroidery Software Digital Edition featuring an embroidered crane design with a free trial offer.

An industry stalwart, Wilcom’s embroidery and multi-decoration suite caters to boutique businesses and large-scale production alike, offering precision and variety in its digitizing solutions.

Key Benefits of Wilcom

  • Precision stitch and advanced lettering as standard features
  • Advanced features for easily creating multi-decoration designs
  • Mobile app to manage production on the go

Pros of Wilcom

  • Comprehensive support for all types of embroidery
  • Extensive library of tutorials and free webinars
  • Global user community for support and inspiration

Cons of Wilcom

  • High cost of entry for professional-level packages
  • Enterprise features may be overkill for small businesses


Wilcom Suite e4 Designing starts around $5000, which includes CorelDRAW and FreeHand Embroidery. Add-on elements such as lettering are extra, ranging from $290 to $2,316.

8. Janome

Janome’s suite of software aims to simplify and enrich the embroidery experience, blending ease of use with a comprehensive slate of design capabilities.

Key Benefits of Janome

  • Accurate and flexible free-motion stitching
  • Designed for compatibility with Janome embroidery machines
  • Customizable workspace for individual user preferences

Pros of Janome

  • Intuitive and user-friendly, particularly for beginners
  • Regular updates and new design packs for fresh inspiration
  • Cost-effective for use with Janome machines

Cons of Janome

  • Focused on the home market and may lack features required by commercial ventures
  • Limited support for non-standard embroidery formats


Janome’s software is available in different packages that range from $150 to $499, depending on the level of features you require.

9. Tajima

The Tajima DG/ML by Pulse is a trusted brand among professional embroiderers, providing an extensive range of functions that allow for the creation of high-quality, intricate embroidery projects.

Key Benefits of Tajima

  • Comprehensive stitch editing and creation tools with auto-digitizing
  • True view simulation to see designs as they appear on the machine
  • Integration with Tajima machines for seamless production

Pros of Tajima

  • High level of customization for individual design elements
  • Comprehensive training is offered for users at all levels
  • Volume discounts and leasing options for businesses

Cons of Tajima

  • A steep learning curve for beginners without digitizing experience
  • Software may be overkill for simple, non-commercial projects


Pricing for Tajima DG/ML by Pulse is available on request, as it varies depending on the specific solutions and support required.

10. Sierra Software

Sierra Software offers a suite of tools focused on the professional, with an emphasis on automation and efficiency, enabling businesses to maximize their production and design quality.

Key Benefits of Sierra Software

  • Advanced automation features for high-volume, repetitive designs
  • Responsive design tools that work well with intricate patterns
  • Detailed job costing and reporting features for business management

Pros of Sierra Software

  • Dedicated to saving time for experienced industrial embroiderers
  • Full-suite software capable of handling all aspects of business operations
  • Robust support with on-site training is available

Cons of Sierra Software

  • Cost and complexity make it unsuitable for hobbyists or small businesses
  • Limited experimentation options for one-off or experimental designs


Sierra provides personalized quotes based on specific business needs, with pricing available upon inquiry.

11. DIME Software

The DIME Software by Designs in Machine Embroidery places focus on photo-realistic embroidery and ease of use, making complex designs attainable with simple, straightforward tools.

Key Benefits of DIME Software

  • Advanced photo stitch for true-to-life embroidery design
  • Easy appliqué and fabric cutwork features
  • Machine integration for seamless design transfers

Pros of DIME Software

  • User-friendly interface suitable for all skill levels
  • High-definition tutorials and support for niche features
  • Competitive pricing for the feature set offered

Cons of DIME Software

  • Limited in advanced digitizing features for more complex industrial designs
  • Machine integration may require models from DIME’s list of compatible brands


DIME digitizing program packages start at $999 for My Quilt Embellisher, with the accompanying Perfect Quilt program at $499.

Embroidery Digitizing Software FAQs

What is the best software for embroidery design?

The best software for embroidery design depends on your specific needs and skill level. Professional-grade tools like Wilcom are excellent for industry professionals, while more accessible solutions like Hatch cater to a broader audience. Ensure that the software you choose aligns with your current and future projects.

What is the best free embroidery software?

While there are free embroidery software options available, the features and complexity will not match those of paid professional tools. These free software solutions can be a good starting point for hobbyists and those looking to understand the basics of embroidery.

What is the easiest embroidery software to use?

In terms of ease of use, Hatch is often cited as one of the best software options. It offers a beginner-friendly interface while still providing advanced features as users become more familiar with the software.

How expensive is embroidery software?

The cost of embroidery software varies greatly, starting from a few hundred dollars for basic home packages to several thousand for professional-grade suites. Remember that while the initial investment may seem high, the right software can significantly increase productivity and quality over time.

What is the cost of Wilcom e4 2 software?

The cost of Wilcom e4 2, being one of the most feature-complete embroidery software packages, is on the higher end. Detailed pricing is available upon inquiry but be prepared for a significant investment.

Is Wilcom Embroidery Studio good?

Wilcom’s Embroidery Studio is considered an industry standard with excellent reviews from professionals. It provides an extensive set of features, but its cost and complexity may not suit every user.

What is the best software for embroidery?

The best embroidery digitizing software is subjective and depends on what you value most — features, ease of use, or cost. Evaluate your needs, consider your budget, and take advantage of trial versions or demos to find the perfect fit for your projects.

By comparing these top 11 embroidery software solutions, you can glean a comprehensive understanding of which tools best match your individual needs and the specifications of your projects. Whether you’re creating personal embroidery artwork, revolutionizing your small business, or venturing into the professional scene, the right software is the linchpin of your success in the vibrant world of embroidery.

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